11 December 2009

It's Friday once again. Whew, how time flies. It's already the 11th of December so that means just 20 or so days and the new year will come a-knocking. OMG, I should be saying, because that means I'm going to turn another year older (hopefully wiser) again. But the prospect of a new year is exciting as well inasmuch as new beginnings and new opportunities are concerned. 2009 has been so-so for me, personally. Life has been full of ups and downs. So I'm begging hoping God would help me make this coming year RIGHT.

(I'm now seguing to the HEART of this post. LOL!)

I think in order for me to jumpstart the new year, I'll need a good planner. Not a "person" planner, but a "planner" planner.☺ Am I making sense here? I honestly don't know. All I'm saying is, I tend to be disorganized most of the time. So if I really want to get things done, I have to start by setting them in order and that's where Verabear comes in.

Verabear, you remember? The woman who blogs 'where the moon shines'.☺ She has decided to give away a Got Heart 2010 Planner.

Pretty cool, right? It's her first giveaway so I'm trying to support her (in the only way I think I can) by posting about it here. Okay, okay. I also hope to win it.*wicked grin* The contest will run until the 26th. It's open to all, even non-Philippine residents and Vera's gracious enough to shoulder the shipping expenses as well. Awesome, right? Just look at the planner. It's beautiful. It's from the Got Heart Foundation and it features at least 12 paintings of indigenous communities in the Philippines. I think it's high time our country's indigenous people are given attention.

The rules for joining are very simple:

* Simply leave comments on her giveaway blog post and earn one entry per comment.

* Comments on any of her blog posts dating from December 7 until the 25th will also qualify as one entry per comment.

* Blog about her giveaway and earn 5 entries, you also earn an additional entry when you leave the link to your post in her blog (so there are six total points here).

So go on and visit Vera's turf so you too can have a chance to win the Got Heart 2010 Planner.☺

3 thoughts:

hi sis! i hope you win a got heart planner! the planner looks beautiful and that's why i join vera's contest too.


I finally got around to checking out your post :) Thanks for the wonderfully written plug :)


Hi Sunshine, Congratulations! You won this giveaway :)

Please send me your name and shipping address thru vera(at)verabear.net :)

Thanks for joining and I hope you make use of the planner!


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