30 April 2010

Hi guys! I wrote this because I wanted to condense all of the contest details and mechanics into one post so that all participants won’t have to go back and forth trying to verify if they’ve taken this step and that. Of course, the mechanics will still point to the exact post where the necessary steps are given. 

Again, I want to reiterate that contest sponsors may join the contest. Also, you may enter your multiple blogs to the contest provided that you enter separate links on the MckLinky I created for the contest. 

I also want to emphasize that only those who entered their links on the MckLinky will qualify. Even if you did all the other steps to gain points but you failed to enter your link there, your points/entries won’t be counted. The MckLinky links will serve as your main entry.

REQUIRED STEPS: (230+ points total)

• For these required steps, you can either display the Major and Secondary sponsors’ lists in one post or in separate posts.

1) To those who wish to join the contest, kindly go over the details in this post and enter the appropriate link in the MckLinky below the post. 

2) Display the list of the Secondary Sponsors. (You can include the list in your main contest entry or include it in a separate post)

3) On this spreadsheet you will find the complete list of my sponsors. Choose at least 3 sponsors that you would like to write a blog review for. Each review you write will be equivalent to 10 points. Write your name on the field next to the blog you chose so other participants would know that a blog review has already been written for said blog. That way, we avoid duplicate reviews and all sponsors are given the due recognition they deserve.

* Please leave a comment on this post with the link to the blog review you have written so I can tally your points. Reviews need not be too lengthy. Just please make sure you link back to the blogs you're reviewing.☺


• These steps are non-compulsory. You can do all or none at all, it doesn’t matter. Rest assured, though, that you will receive points for each step you undertake.

1) Go to this post to gain more points.

2) I love and I thrive on the comments you leave on my posts. So I’m going to check my blog posts from March 15th (the day when the contest started) onwards and if I see that you left a comment in any of my blog posts, I will award points to you – 1 point per comment.☺ No spams please. Each participant may leave a maximum of 5 comments per day.

3) This third optional requirement is tied to item number 3 of the REQUIRED STEPS. In the event that all the slots for the required sponsors' review have been filled up already and you, as a qualified participant, hasn't yet written any review, you may opt to review this blog OR my princess blog OR both.

For each of the steps you make, please leave a comment on the exact post where the detailed mechanics are given. 

59 thoughts:

the spreadsheet I need to email you again? or just write here the review? no say how many words and link need to do?



review girls rules


review her and history


review mommawannabe


wow..these whole contest thing is sure eating up your time right? But who cares, It's fun and it makes other bloggers happy! Thanks for running this contest. I became more active in blogging because of the fun this contest brings.


Hi Bam bie, I have chosen Life of a filipina Blogger, Living Life To the fullest & Earn Online Money with Red. ok review review review!!


I must admit sis, bongga yung contest mo ha, kaya lang nalilito na rin tuloy ako. hehe. Hindi tuloy makasali. Di bale, babasahin ko uli yung mechanics :)


Finish with my first review



Done with my second


Up with my third one



Hi, I will take

From this Side
Life Can't Wait
Up Now and What's Next

I'll be posting the links soon. thank you


reviewed kikamz blog :)


hi! already did sam's blog too :)


sorry for the late reply,sistah.Kung ok lang ang make-up goodies as the prize-makikihabol ako as sponsor.I have done sponsoring make-up goodies as prize twice na,wala namang problema.Di ako sa pwede sa cash prize coz I don't have paypal(aayusin ko muna so I can sponsor other blog contests).Kung ok yun,count me in.^_^


Done with Ria's site, my fourth :)



my 5th for Kaye



Nothing special sistah just for support.You can just mail me the winners homeaddress so I can send the prize thru EMS para mabilis.I will join your contest and blog na rin when I have the time.Good luck!^_^


review for up now & what's next



review for from this side


review on A Woman Remembers

review on The Snoring Queen

review on BabiesandContests


here's the review for life can't wait


hi! this is my blog review for Home Buddies



Submitting my review for this blog



second sponsor review:



wow, i wonder how busy you have been these days in updating points and monitoring your blog. But its worth the fun right? goodluck to all the participants.especially to me..lolz..


review for you other site



review for bloguardian hellsite: http://redamethyst.blogspot.com/2010/04/get-money-tips-from-bloguardian.html


Hey sweetie, lemme know if u want me to send the credits to you or the winners...good luck everyone! :)


medyo pasaway ako... heheh
sorry na...
kasi pagnagcocomment ako redamethyst naman username
pero minsan ang ginagamit ko is yung name / url.
minsan un google account. tapos minsan iba iba pa ang url na ginagamit ko. haha
sorry naman. pasaway talaga ako.
macount ba yun as comment ko?
isang username lang naman ginamit ko.


blog review for Simple Pero Rock


pinkville review http://www.myredhotreviews.info/2010/04/pink-and-magic-combined.html


chris chronicles review - http://www.myredhotreviews.info/2010/04/chronicles-of-chris.html


review for wahmaholic - http://www.myredhotreviews.info/2010/04/wahmaholikaye.html


review for hunger games trilogy - http://www.myredhotreviews.info/2010/04/hunger-games-trilogy-fanatic.html


Live for life review


my so called world review


Cornymans Blog review and contest review


earth friendly momma review


Cornyman money blog review



gene + experiements review


Inspirational insights review



proud mommy and wifey review


I empower myself review


health and beauty diva


runaway blogger review


sword review http://www.myredhotreviews.info/2010/04/spread-word.html


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